Welcome to the JI Roofing!

It is a privilege that you choose JI Roofing and our highly trained and skilled installation personnel to install the roofing system wedesigned to protect your investment.

What is JI Roofing?

JI Roofing started as Reliable Roofing in 1987 and as the years went on and business expanded we found a need for specialists in different roofing materials and thus formed the genesis for JI Roofing a consortium of different roofing experts specializing in metal, tile, composition roofs, flat roofs, steep roofs, any kind of roof you can think of! Were not just a roofing contractor, were a roofing company!

The power of JI Roofing

With JI Roofing you make the choices, you decide what is right for your home and we have the specialists to make that happen. Our roofing consultants are available to help you out during the process and because of the power of the Group; you can be provided with price points and information on any roof you desire. Also, the power of the Group is there for you in case an emergency should arise. If you were to have an issue, youve got an entire company of roofers to get that fixed quickly, not just a single roofer who would need to fit you into his schedule.

Why re-roof every 15 years - Save money with JI Roofing

Because of the different specialists we have we are in a position to offer industry leading warranties from all of the top manufacturers of roofing materials. Regardless of the material you choose you can rest assured that you will have the top warranty available.
Be sure to ask me more about these wonderful warranties!

Why Were Your Best Choice

Our roofers are specialist with years of experience. We are not general contractors or handymen, we are specialists. When you engage JI Roofing to install your roof, it will be done right, with roofers who know what they are doing.
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